Hello there, is that a Mr/Mrs Smith?

My name is Chris, I’m calling from Zemash Digital Agency and I’m calling to inform you that your Online Report has been sent to the email address (email address). I just need to confirm if this email is the correct one linked to (Company name). (Needs another line.)

Rebuttal – What is the Report about?

It’s a Business Optimization Report which is recognized by the National Online Business Association, this report lets you know the current status of your online presence and determines if your business is meeting the national online criteria. If you have 5 minutes now, I can go through the Report with you for free. I will also show you some websites and social media accounts we have created for other businesses and discuss which services we have to offer that will be the most effective in improving your online presence.

How do I have this free live session? I will send you the link where you will have a live session with myself on my computer share.

Yes –

No –