No Sales On Ecommerce Store? USE SSBLQP Methods

No Sales On Ecommerce Store?

You have new store and generating no Sales on Ecommerce? It happens due to multiple factors. Down i am sharing major 4 factors

1- Your Ecommerce Store is Not Converting ( Make It Converting )

2- You have not SEO’d.

3- Driving irrelevant Organic Traffic.

4- You are not using enough tools to Track / re-target / contact your Audience ( Contact Us for Complete Audit )

What Is SSBLQP Method 2021?

First Be sure you have already resolved all 4 factors before you jump into very Famous SSBLQP Method 2021. SSBLQP method is named after 6 traffic sources that goes best with Ecommerce business.


2- Social Media

3- Back-link

4- LinkedIn

5- Quora

6- Pinterest

You must be curious as It is a very generic information so how it is effective? Don’t worry its the way how you use these platforms more effectively to drive Traffic.


To make this method works 100% Select only 15 keywords ( 1 or 2 Word ) Of your Niche For your Ecommerce Website.

Use 10 Key-phrases ( from 3 to 5 words ). For Keywords Research and SEO you can use UberSuggest

If you use this magical Ratio move to the next step.

Social Media :

Use your Social Media as a Community based platform where you interact with people instead to keep pushing for sales. Ecommerce business depends more on customer satisfaction & Retention so Focus on posting more interacting & Value-based content.

A Tip:

Make a Content that you can use multiple places ( can turn to Video / Blog / Posts & post on relevant platform).

LinkedIn :

Use your LinkedIn to post Articles ( what you have created for your website ). It always great to provide value in your content ( you can either write a genuine review of a specific product Or Write about the need of some specific product in day-to-day life ). The aim is to write a great article and redirect traffic to your eCommerce website.

Quora :

Quora is a place where you can provide different people recommendations of different products within your Niche. The recommendation is like referring them a product that can help them making life easier. On Quora, you can use the same article you have posted on LinkedIn and link back traffic to your Website.

If you want to post free articles where you can drive traffic ( MEDIUM ) is also a great platform.

Pinterest :

Pinterest is one of the most effective and best platforms where you can post any photo and link it with your website. Now if you have any photos post them on Pinterest and link them to your website. After 20-30 posts you will start noticing a big jump in traffic to your website.

If you need any assistance by professional for your ecommerce store feel free to Contact Us.